BlueGreen Network Guide

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Guide to posting

The main forum page (Forums) shows a list of forum categories. When you click on the category you then see a list of topics (aka threads) within each category. Within each thread are individual posts from members. You have the option to start a new thread or reply/add to an existing one. (see below)

Forum icons:

  • A light coloured forum icon means a thread you have already read.
  • A dark coloured forum icon indicates a thread with unread posts.

Your profile info, signature etc.

At the top of the page in the main navigation bar (on the right), you will see your name. This links to your profile area where you can upload a picture (aka avatar) that will appear by your posts, and create a signature that will appear under your posts. For new members the signature is limited, but once you have more posts you can increase its contents and add links etc. These restrictions help to deter spammers and freeloaders.

To start a thread

  • From within a forum, click on the Post Thread button (top right). You can also start a thread the forum listor new post list and will then be prompted to choose which froum to post in
  • Type in a title and your post contents, then click the Post Thread button under the post.
  • If approriate, you can add one or more tags in the box below the text field. Tags are keywords that will help people find your post when someone searches.

To reply in a thread

  • For a general reply to the thread (without quoting a specific post in the thread) - just type in the box at the bottom of the thread or each page and click on the Post reply button
  • Reply to one particular post and quote it: click on the reply link at the bottom right of the specific post. This will quote the post you are replying to
  • Quote several posts in a thread:(multiquote) click on the +Quote link at the bottom right of each post. This adds them to a "pool" of quotes that you can then insert by clicking on "Insert quotes" under your reply box.

Quoting parts of posts

  • Quote just a part of the post: This is a good idea so that you only quote what is relevant. Highlight some of the text in the post. When you release the mouse pointer you will then see the option (+Quote | Reply) by your mouse pointer arrow. If you click Reply it will add that quote to the reply box. If you click +Quote it adds this quote to the pool of quotes mentioned above that you can then insert in ther same way by using the insert quotes below the reply box

Watching a thread

Click on the Watch Thread link at the top of each thread.

By default, you are automatically subscribed to any thread you start or post in. This means you will get email notifications of any new posts in that thread. This option can be disabled in your profile area preferences.

Watching a Forum

Click on the Watch Forum link at the top of each forum.

In addition to email notifications, you will always see a prominent red alert notice if there are new posts or threads you have subscribed to.

Post Ratings

You can rate posts e.g. like, funny, agree by choosing the rating symbol from the dropdown menu at the bottom right of each post