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Welcome to BlueGreen Network

BlueGreen Network is an online community for BlueGreen Education Users and Members of The Association of International Seafood Professionals . This Network brings all the information members need, courses and other seafood industry information.

What happened to the old AISP Portal?

The "old" AISP portal has been replaced by an all-new portal with more features than ever before. Now you have easily access to over a hundred of different publications. The BlueGreen Network also enables you to discuss certain Seafood topics (chosen by the experts in the industry) and share your opinion, request information, and share expertise.

What is BlueGreen?

Green offers vocational – and academic education levels and take pride in passionately providing online this global, open – and blended learning on seafood competencies by the best authorities globally available. Creating your bridge to competencies for your purpose in professional life.

How do I follow a course at BlueGreen?

Whenever you’re interested in following a course at BlueGreen, you can easily create an account and browse through the courses.